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Royal Oak Charcoal

Royal Oak, the largest American producer of natural lump charcoal, offers a full line of products to meet all of your grilling needs. Utilizing sustainable procedures throughout its manufacturing process, Royal Oak is made from only the finest American Oak and Hickory hardwoods to provide a more natural flavor, light faster, and burn longer, hotter, and cleaner. From high heat searing to long smoking, Royal Oak natural wood products are “changing the flavor of the backyard barbecue.”
  • Sheridan Fifer

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron began making its mark in 1896 as Blaylock Foundry. With only 25 employees, the South Pittsburgh, Tennessee company produced a variety of kettles, pots, broilers, and skillets. When a fire destroyed the original building in 1910, its founder Joseph Lodge rebuilt and reintroduced the company as Lodge Manufacturing, a brand which has since become the leading name in cast-iron cookware.

Still located in South Pittsburgh on the banks of the Tennessee River, Lodge Cast Iron operates only two foundries, but unlike other small manufactures, it is able to make its pre-seasoned, easy care cookware for the masses. Lodge offers a variety of griddles, skillets with covers, and camp ovens for all of your outdoor adventures, and a variety of other cookware designed for your less adventurous, domestic side as well.

  • Sheridan Fifer

Cowboy Charcoal

Cowboy Charcoal was founded in 1992. It is a state-of-the-art, environmentally compatible, wood-retort plant built in Albany, KY, specializing in natural lump charcoal. Today, Cowboy Charcoal Company still specializes in lump charcoal, but its superior selection of natural wood cooking products also includes Smoking Wood Chips and Chunks and Hardwood Briquets. The 100 percent natural charcoal is available in mesquite, pecan, cherry, hickory, and apple.
  • Sheridan Fifer

Core Equipment

Whether your outdoor adventures take place in your back yard, the woods, or the mountains, Core Equipment believes your gear should always enhance those experiences and make getting outside simple and fun. Its small team of camping enthusiasts are dedicated to encouraging everyone to get outdoors, and its Instant Tent is one of the most popular ways for both beginners and seasoned campers to simplify their camping experience so they can spend more time exploring the wonders of nature. Core’s line of quality equipment includes tents, lights, chairs, shelter, sleeping bags, and core gear. Privately owned and founder led, the company is able to provide stellar customer service and invest its time in quality engineering and great design.
  • Sheridan Fifer