Perky Jerky


Perky Jerky was created for jerky loving outdoor adventurers who are no longer satisfied with traditionally dry, boring jerky. It originated as a guarana enhanced snack, a unique product, the result of founder Brian Levin spilling a Red Bull into his bag of jerky on a Utah ski trip in 2006. Though USDA regulations resulted in removal of the guarana, in 2014, a new caffeine-free version of Perky Jerky hit the shelves. Available in beef, pork, turkey, and even vegan jerky and stick varieties, Perky Jerky is made from the most tender cuts of meat and is marinated overnight in a blend of natural ingredients that contains no nitrates, preservatives, added MSG, or gluten, so you can feel confident you’re providing your body with the perfect fuel to go wherever life leads you.

Perky Jerky also donates a percentage of its proceeds to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome research, and if that’s not enough, the company says if you don’t agree its jerky is “the best tasting on earth,” it will replace or refund your purchase or even make a donation to its causes in your name.

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  • Sheridan Fifer