When founder Lara Merriken failed in her quest to find a convenient food bar that was wholesome and tasty, she began a mission to create the perfect bar. With just a rolling pin, a Cuisinart, and friends and family as her focus group, Lara played with different recipes until she found just the right combination. In May 2000 LÄRABAR® was launched with its five initial flavors: Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, Banana Cookie, and Chocolate Coconut Chew. Today, LÄRABAR products are available in over 20 different flavors split into five categories which include LÄRABAR Original, Organic with Superfoods, Fruits + Greens, Kid, and Protein, each with a simple blend of just 2-9 real ingredients. At LÄRABAR® they believe a sound mind, body, and spirit come from what you eat, and that food is most satisfying in its whole, natural state. To that end, LÄRABAR® continually strives to create convenient snacks made from just a few, whole-food ingredients that are simple, pure, and delicious.

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  • Sheridan Fifer